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Creative Connections is a 360* Healing Network with Nicole, and many of the Best Trained Wellness Professionals, that have a Passion for Wholeness: Emotionally, Mentally, Physically, and Spritually

I love helping women return home to their truest self, to create a life they love that overflows into their relationships, and house with peace and joy, and begin to Sing and dance again.

Why I Love what I do: Getting to the layers underneath it all can change your life and those around you. Being in harmony of who you are brings a whole new level of Awareness and Embodiment.

creating more peace and love inside and out!


I have been a teacher in and out of the classroom, and have worked with women and girls circles, of all ages for over 33 years. I have been counseling women, children and families in many ways, such as... grief counseling with children who have lost a parent or sibling to illness, death or divorce, working with groups of teen girls, leading women's groups, PRGs for Moms in Dallas, financial campaign manager from PTA to Senate races, and fundraising projects, study groups, yoga classes, sales teams, along with millions of leadership and organizational training programs. I love creating and hosting Workshops and Events.

I love being outdoors in nature - hiking and riding bikes, especially in California, Arizona and Colorado. I love being on the water too, boating and wakeboarding in Oklahoma and Arkansas, or walking a beautiful Hawaiian beach. I grew up hiking, jeeping and skiing in the San Juan Mountains in Ouray and Telluride, Co. I have dreams of traveling and exploring new places all over the world -- one day.

I am balancing a full life - as a wife and have an awesome husband, who is also my best friend of 27 years. We have 4 active, beautiful, strong willed, creative children and 2 Chi-Poms, a Papillon. Things are changing around here as my children are slowly starting to turn into little adults and so we now we are experiencing new things! Never a dull moment!!


International Certified Life Coach and Internal Family Systems - IFS - Level 2 Trained and Certified Practitioner by the IFS Institute - IFS is a worldwide psychotherapy model for helping clients creatively connect to themselves and others.

Additional Certifications held in Somatic IFS, Training directly from Susan McConnell, Mentee Staff for retreats and trainings.

and IFIO - For Couples - Intimacy from the Inside Out with author, Toni Hurbine-Blank

I have certifications, as an Astrologist, Human Design Consultant - and through the Gene Keys Guides Program. All my favorite tools to assist clients in ....Unlocking Your Unique Design and Highest Potential. The Gene Keys is a contemplative gentle, opening approach for tuning into the energies within, for individuals or groups.

All of these models and practices are very complimentary to one another, clients often like to get curious about all of them from time to time. We can see how you are designed and wired, see a blue print and a profile of your highest potential, and tune into the wisdom of the gene keys to unlock those gifts inside of you. IFS and Coaching help us meet, learn, and understand more about what might get in the way of you reaching your highest potential.

Certified Facilitator Teacher for Dr. Lissa Rankin's NY Best Seller - Mind Over Medicine ~Workshop Style, Retreat Style and Private 1-1 or Private Group Coaching/Speaking @ the 6 Steps to Radical Healing from the book.

BBA Degree in International Business Management/Marketing

Public Relations - Political Consultant - Dallas, Texas

Interior Design and Space Planning - Dallas

Currently Licensed Real Estate Sales Agent in Texas, Coldwell Banker Apex, Allen, Texas; former Broker in Ouray, Colorado

Currently Vice President of LakeCities Insurance Agency - Insurance - Property and Casualty

Master Level training and continual education in Communication and Relationship, Grief Counseling, Neuroscience, Transformational Leadership, Yoga Teacher Training, Religious Studies, Philosophy, Ayurvedic and Lifestyle Medicine, IFS - Internal Family Systems, Somatic IFS, IFIO, Art Therapy, Evolutionary Astrology, HeartMath, Energy Psychology, Poly Vagal Theory, Relational Life Therapy, Addictions, Eating Disorders, Food as Medicine.

I discovered that I was not living my truth, I was surviving and not thriving.

The quickest solution, was to pause and take a step back. It was then that I decided that it was time to pay attention to myself, listen to what I needed, and figure out what I needed. I reconnected to who I was, and began to live in alignment with my true nature. Now, I have many tools that help me stay connected, and centered in wholeness, even when I feel scattered, and the world is chaotic. When I am back in SELF (my true natural state, or essence) it brought in the feeling of dancing through life, even when its raining, and when its pouring, finding peace and joy that is within reach and comes with support and guidance.

When things start spinning out of control now -- I have so much faith and Many amazing practices and tools that have significantly changed my life and makes a DIFFERENCE in my family. --

what we do

A 360* Approach to Holistic Health Connecting with our true essence physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to find the balance within ourselves, that ripples into our relationships and into our homes and career. Leading to joy, peace, and happiness.

Online whole health wellness program

For a busy lifestyle - you can listen and learn as you go! The information and courses are pre recorded so you can listen at your own convenience. The live courses are accessible in the community - so you can stay connected to those too!!

Creating a Balanced Life

with 1-1 or Group Coaching

1, 3, 6, 9 , 12 month packages available and tailored to exactly what you need. Book a Creative Session and check in to see if this is for you, and what you are looking for.

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